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  • 3 concepts

    “Our business provides home inspection services to buyers, sellers and real estate professionals serving the communities in the greater Las Vegas and surrounding areas. While the name pairs well with Vegas, we chose ACE to represent the concepts of excellence, superiority, high quality, trust, first-rate, the best, top-notch, outstanding. We want customers to feel confident and have peace of mind with a home inspection. Logo should be creative and yet simple, contemporary and professional. It can play on the ACE of spades card/symbol concept while expressing excellence and quality aspect of the business. ”

  • 3 concepts

    “We will source and sell specially formulated herbal teas, geared toward pain relief and chronic diseases”

  • 3 concepts

    “We do mowing, tree trimming, build fences, etc. ”

  • 3 concepts

    “1st Annual Swing for the Fences fundraiser/golf tournament. It is a golf tournament raising money for an organization of girls fastpitch softball teams. Colors are royal blue, red and white - typically. March 9, 2020 (date doesn't have to be in logo)”

  • 5 concepts

    “Custom Woodwork and Furniture. Like a basic black and white logo. Have attached logo we have made just need it a little more professional looking.”

  • 3 concepts

    “A consulting group that will help higher education entities and small businesses create establish vision statements, mission statements, and strategic plans. Will not be a template approach where one size fits all. Relationships and culture will be central to the process. ”

  • 5 concepts

    “Wärme / Kälte / Schallschutz Isolierungen ZV Isoliertechnik GmbH is your specialist for Heating, ventilation and cold insulation, sound insulation ”

  • 6 concepts

    “The purpose of this podcast is Personal Growth / Development. with a touch of business hacks and motivational life practices. built to create value and spark the passion into each individual who listens to it.”

  • 3 concepts

    “Credit repair”

  • 3 concepts

    “Auto Detailing”

  • 4 concepts

    “I drive and deliver luxury RV (Motorcoach) buses. ”

  • 5 concepts

    “RGR Holdings is a capital investment an operating company focused on acquiring, improving, and either operating and selling existing businesses. It has particular skill in bringing updated technology to those businesses, but the logo shouldn't be completely tech focused (perhaps a nod towards tech). ”

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You were attentive to my description and design requests. It's like you looked into my soul and my heart and brought my vision to life. Thank you for a wonderful job!

This sample stood out the most to me. Simple, delivers an interesting visual message, and elegant. I will be playing with colors a little bit, but the overall form of the illustration and the accompanying font is pretty attractive.

got the job done but had to pay for unlimited revision even though i gave him an exact photo with detailed instructions to get it right the first time. typical internet cons!!!

Slight miss communication perhaps with the revision but over all just what i wanted. Only wish it was a little faster turn around as i missed my deadline but still great work non the less and i am happy.

Ollie read and listened to what I wrote in the initial document. He really understood what I was looking for and nailed it! I am very happy with the outcome!

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